How to enjoy financial freedom by owning a property?


The World Pursues Property

In my opinion, pursuing property as your financial cornerstone in life is one of the smartest moves anyone could make. Banks have substantial investments in property, McDonald’s foundation to their business plan is to own property, Superannuation funds, World funds, many wars have been fought over land, legal cases are fought over the family homes and other properties, people have married for the family to obtain land, etc it’s been going on for centuries. As the world gets richer and richer.


If we do not pay attention and learn, it will cost us. Wealth comes in many ways, but property stays and always goes up. You can not lose the property. Oh yes, it can have a little drop, but then it’s followed by a jump, no matter what, it always goes up. Twenty years ago property ($350,000) was doubling every seven years in Australia. Prices of cause went up, but now it’s impossible to double that fast. It now takes ten years, some times fifteen years because prices are now extremely high ($2,500,000).

Did you miss out? Definitely can’t get your time back. Whatever your answer is, you need to position yourself for the next twenty years. That means in the following twenty years if you are positioned correctly you could pay the home off, buy a new car, holidays, etc. Position, to take full advantage of what happens next. For most of us, the position is making a decision and acting on that, so to be positioned correctly invest in several new housing to take full advantage of the increase.

When you have a Professional Property Guru on your side you will be encouraged to put down 10%-20% in equity. That’s all you need to invest in. You don’t have to go to work to earn equity, it’s the market value of your property less what you owe (speak to your finance broker). You might be able to buy yourself two, three, or more properties to possibly triple your return. The more money we have the happier we are. We all love to make a handsome profit, but you do need to be in the game.

What’s Your Reason

We all have good reasons for investing in property. What’s yours? Mine was to buy better music equipment than what I could afford as I love music. I came from the Sydney Stock Exchange and fell head over heels into a property. Now 30 years down the road I can still report that the sun shines brighter and brighter on property. I was semi-retired in my thirties and just pursued property in an ever-increasing way. The joy in my life is to grow property portfolios for others. It’s my passion.

But At What Cost

To not do property in my opinion is a gigantic financial error. The World is turning more to technology. The armies of the World are becoming stronger, spying on other countries is done in smarter ways, people are smarter, children at five are smarter than ever before. Sports are getting faster. Cars, boats, planes are faster. Everything is becoming faster and far better … but still, after all that, we still all need property. In short, if you do not, you will be left behind in everything, and you can’t afford that.

Property is the World’s currency. There’s a saying …

Property isn’t everything, but it sure does affect everything, And I mean absolutely everything.