5 tips to get you a big YES from the bank

How to get great outcome when borrowing from banks

Borrowing from the Bank for the Best Outcome 


Since the Banks Royal Commission, getting a loan through the Banks System has become more difficult, but definitely NOT impossible. In our endeavor to make our clients experience with us smooth, stress-free as possible, you need to be aware of the following.


  1. Your broker requires ALL the paperwork that the Bank requires to assess your situation and make a decision. Why, does the broker need all the paperwork. Because if the Bank requires one more page of information, you will virtually go to the bottom of the Banks loan pile and wait until your loan comes back to the top again to be assessed. So it’s in your best interest to give all the paperwork to your broker ASAP.
  2. Walk around as though your mobile is glued to your hip. The loan has just begun. It is extremely important to always keep your mobile phone at hand while the loan goes through. Yes, glue it to your hip. Keep your computer on and constantly check your emails etc. Getting back quickly to your broker ASAP is paramount. Communication is the key. Immediate action in returning a call can save you and a lot of money and anxiety.
  3. You could miss out on that special block and have to pay an additional $15K or more for another block or miss out on a block in that excellent estate. Then go to another estate where land is dearer or the investment returns will not be as profitable.
  4. We found a brilliant block for a client. It took a lot of work to find that special block. This block was $60,000 cheaper than the market price. Then the next release was $20,000 dearer. That’s a total of $80,000 for the client in equity. Amazing. So it was very valuable. The client would not answer their phone nor answer emails until a couple of days later. This situation got harder and harder for us until we were forced to sell that package to another client, let’s call them Smith. Within no time there was enough equity for Smith to invest again. That’s two investment properties for basically the equity of the one. The first client’s reason for not communicating was that they were too busy at work. That client thought that was a fair call but the owner of the block had to sell. Please remember there is land everywhere, but it’s not all for sale,  and the best blocks go first. 
  5. The land is of a premium and therefore prices go up constantly, particularly in new estates. The land developer could sell blocks twenty at a time, then raise the price by $20K for the next release. There could be two, three, or more releases while your loan goes through. We have blocks that have made $40,000 while the loan goes through. So the above information is important for you to make and keep the profit. As your loan is assessed by the Bank. There is an old Bank saying… If you almost give us all the paperwork, we’ll almost give you the money. Try not to make it harder than it needs to be. The borrower can make this part of the buying process quite stressful for themselves, by not being contactable.


We work with several brokers and they are all excellent at what they do. To secure your future with us, feel free to contact us if you need more information.


Happy Investing, for a better tomorrow.