How to own a home and be out of debt in 5 years

Buy the Home or do we buy the Investment Property first?
Chicken or the Egg?
The old question which came first has been around for a long time. Yet in our hi-tech, demanding, instant world no one has yet found the answer.

A Fresh Look :
The same can be said for buying a home, what comes first is the home, or is it the Investment Property. Yes, we all need property these days to support our lifestyle and retirement, or else! So let’s take a fresh, hi-tech, demanding, instant world look at another growing issue we have today. Do we put in place the vehicle that’s going to pay our mortgage and get us out of debt? Or do we buy the home and try like hell to borrow the money to get into the vehicle that will get us out of debt to the home, this could take forever or never

Round and round we go :
For generations, we were told to get our home paid off first. That worked to a point, but that was a long time ago. We all went out working harder and harder trying to achieve what for many has become the unachievable goal. Today we definitely need a new and proven plan. It’s planned by the Banks to take 30 years for you to be free of your mortgage then go crazy to fit all that you wanted to do into the last few years. The only one that benefited from that plan was, of course, the Banks. They have us working for them 24 hours a day and paying them for the privilege. Crazy.

The new plan :
The new plan, that has been proven over and over again, is to get your Purposely Built Investment Property tucked away first, that’s right first, as that is your way out of debt to the home loan. If you get your home first you’ll never be debt-free. Many, many, many times now using an Investment Property to give you a way out have people free to their mortgages in 1,2,3 or 4 years. Yes, that’s right.

A gigantic helping hand :
Also, the capital gain earned by your investment will serve you well. You could even end up in a far better neighborhood.

The very best point :
But for me, the best point that needs to be yelled out loud and clear is, if you work through a professional they can organise for you to receive $2,000 a month for you to pay your mortgage payment, while they work on getting you out of debt in possibly 3 years. You heard it here first, someone else is paying your mortgage payments for you, while they work with you to get you out of debt to your Mortgage.

Goodby Mortgage, Hello Life!

Thanks for reading