Top 5 reasons why property after COVID 19

What happens to property after COVID 19


I’ve read so many opinions on what’s going to happen after COVID and property while we work our way through this epidemic.  The COVID 19 epidemic is worrying and will affect a lot of lives now and sadly in the future. Then when this all clears where will property stand. Property is the most resilient, reliable vehicle on the Planet.

Yes, it goes up and down around and around but it always is making its way back up. History has shown that no matter where we are either in a recession,  hard times, chasing our tail or working hard all our lives and still have little to show for it. You can rely on a property, and with a good game plan property will make up the difference.


While the market is in the state it’s in, that is the time an investor buys. When do you want to buy, when the property is at its cheapest or at its dearest? Well, let me think. Yes, it would be at its cheapest, and that’s right now… right? Bingo. Those who buy now will receive an advantage when the market makes up time from where we are now. It will jump up as everyone tries to catch up.


Unfortunately, several people have spent their savings trying to survive. If that’s you? don’t forget property cause it will help you to regain that money. The same goes for superannuation. If you have had to pull money out of your superannuation, then don’t forget property is a fantastic vehicle to get that hard-earned money back. 


I know that I’m pushing property but it’s the truth. If you think you’re going to make up the difference by working harder… I can’t see that happening. The property will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, year after year. Non-stop.


We will never work that hard. The other benefit is that the property is duplicatable. It starts with an income stream and a little bit of equity to start it off.


We have never been in a situation like COVID 19 before and we are told how to wash hands, social distancing, etc to try to stop the spread and we will conquer it. Makes sense to me and it also makes sense to rely on Property for our comeback. It’s not up to the circumstances, it’s up to me. remember that saying “ if it has to be, it’s up to me.”