What is the first step to secure your future financially?


Most of us start work with no idea of where we are going in life. The rest start working with a focused reason for working.

In fact, I had no picture of my future when I left school. With that, I started my journey, but thank Heavens things started to fall into place. Promises, ideas, and dreams to shoot for never entered our world. How many of you were the same?

Next minute you’re married with a mortgage and then children come along. Now you have to get serious, very serious. Up till now, we all have aspirations of being the world’s best sprinter, sailor, etc. Then reality brings you into another phase of life.

The problem we face is that work becomes a priority because our family is our life. We focus on the day and forget about our future. Time goes on and 25 years down the road we still have a mortgage and we haven’t moved financially at all, cause we are so busy. 

Your wife is still working and the children have now left school and home. Now you’re hoping that the Government will look after you in your retirement years.

In 3 years’ time you will own your home. It seems like Freedom took forever to get there. Why didn’t work for us?



Looking back most would say that we would do things differently if we had our time over again. With the Elimination Program yes you can say that you can get your time back again. It only takes 10% or 20% of the equity to make your first step. Leave the rest up to your professional property manager to build for you a professional portfolio. Portfolios are an amazing financial tool that can change your life. If built properly. Finally, you have the Financial Freedom you always hoped for. The first thing you need is a dream. Like looking at a map you first need to know where you’re heading to. What’s your destination? Do you have one?

If you have a business, a portfolio will bring everything together. You see most businesses only have a limited amount of shelving or stock and only a certain amount of people will ever come in to buy. In many cases, this still is not enough to make all that hard work and sacrifice worthwhile. If you have a portfolio there’s every chance it would make for you around $2,000 to $5,000 a week. The question is, not whether to invest or not but how many properties do you want. 


Norman Vincent Peale used to say, “shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars” In Norman’s words of encouragement, “have a go”. When you do property investment properly what can go wrong? It’s like a set and forgets. Do property investment right and you’ll be alright.

When getting a mortgage it pays to get a property to help you, particularly our Smart Home range of properties. Three and Four bedrooms properties you’ll save tax and pay off your home loan in around 5 years. Would you like to get 25 years of your life back?. Most people would. But then go on to set up for early retirement if you wish, or just have a few properties to secure your future. Some of us might take a while to get going, but we all need property. Even the large Superannuation Companies do. So Why Not You.